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04-03-2009, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
i had a real hard time getting mine on too. i use the itech striaght cut and have a M rbk 8K

it seemed like the visor was MUCH wider than the helmet. first of all, the spacers, they do vary in thickness. some spacers are alot thinner, use the thicker ones. hopefully they came with your visor.

put one side of the visor on, put it in the middle the hole(what i mean is you can adjust it to be closer, or farther from your face, put it in the middle)

once you have that side on, you actually have to bend/flex the visor to make it fit on the other side of the helmet. for some reason out of the box the visors are alot wider than the helmet, once you force them on it adjusts and bomes not as wide
Thank god I'm not the only it's been a frustrating day trying to get this on....I think my spacers are not the "thicker" ones as you describe. I removed my ear covers on the helmet and that seemed to give me enough length after I had already put the one side on. And yeah, it looked far too big for the helmet,but after about an hour and some cursing(my poor dog had to listen to me struggle) and removing the plastic ear covers it's on....jeez....

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