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09-09-2004, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by JWI19
They might lose less this year, but after that when that war chest is gone they are gonna lose alot more. And dont let the owners fool you, they are not losing as much as they like to tell you. Sure some teams are losing money but how much of that has to do with poor management? Just like i bet the company you work for doesn't give you the employee accurate figures.
The war chest is irrelevent. All it will do is help franchises cover their fixed costs. Even without that teams will lose less by not playing a single game than they would if they continued under the current CBA or anything similar.

It worked in basketball? The average NBA salary is over 4 million dollars a year and players make more money that some NHL teams. If the owners won, i hate to see salaries if they had lost.
LOL. Yes, it worked in basketball. Their salaries are tied to revenues. What a stupid number that was that you brought up.

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