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09-10-2004, 12:32 AM
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Protest all you want, hire lawyers and throw around frivolous lawsuits, stamp your feet and hold your breath until you pass out...the NHL and NHLPA couldn't care less.

You want to get their attention? REALLY have them stand up and take notice?

Don't renew your seasons tickets.
Spend your money elsewhere.
Stay away from their arenas in droves.
Want your hockey fix? Watch college or major junior or AHL.

When the idiot savants running this league finally decide to start things up again after a year and change, imagine if they came back to half empty buildings, limp corporate interest, and ZERO initiative from the US networks to give them a TV contract worth anything. With a league as heavily dependant on gate revenues as the NHL, they would pay attention.

Too bad the chances of this happening in the real world are about a billion to one.

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