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04-03-2009, 09:34 PM
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As a Coyote fan, I'm thrilled with the Upshall for Carcillo swap, but it's the 2nd round pick quite frankly which puzzles me from the Flyers perspective. The Coyotes had already dumped a fair amount of salary in the Jokinen deal, and the additional salary they took in the flyers deal, especially when pro-rated, was pretty minimal. It's not like the Coyotes took $1M in salary in the deal, but they got paid as if they took $1M in salary.

I understand that as minimal as it was to the Flyers in real terms, in relative terms it was very valuable, but I still shake my head because of the relative value of Upshall for the Coyotes.

They traded Carcillo, who while a fan-favorite, also created problems on the ice for his own team, and with the same top 6 six time & power play time which has since been given to Upshall, provided nothing offensively. Even though Upshall wasn't lighting it up offensively it seems as if Holmgren somehow thought Carcillo was as good a player as Upshall.

I think the Flyer fans who raise the point that Upshall wasn't going to produce in Philly like he is in Phoenix anytime in the foreseeable future are spot on. Given their top six talent, there really wasn't room for Upshall to score significant points.

I think this points out the first mistake the Flyers may have made....the Briere contract. Nothing wrong with Briere, but it seems like Flyer mgmt didn't take into consideration what they had in the pipeline when they signed him to what quite frankly was a fiscally irresponsible contract (aka a Ranger contract). Just maybe they should have realized Upshall or someone else in their system might be able to produce offensively at a higher rate per dollar than Briere. Just maybe 40 points from Upshall at $1.5M or whatever is wiser than 80 pts at $8M per season. Especially when you have other forwards like Richards, Carter, Knuble, Gagne etc who are going to put up points. I don't know maybe they thought Briere would assure them a Stanley Cup birth. I hope not, because no one can do that for a team.

back to the trade.....If I was a flyer fan complaining about this trade it wouldn't be the Upshall for Carcillo swap I was pissed about, sad yes, but not pissed. I'd be pissed because we threw away a 2nd round pick in the deal. Isn't giving away the better player enough compensation for the cap wiggle room (from a team that had already cut salary)? Some will say, 2nd rounders only end up being NHL players 10% of the time.....well from a Flyers perspective I wouldn't be pissed because we gave up something that has a 10% chance of being an NHL player, I'd be pissed because I got bent over and then screwed.....its more the principle than anything.

As a Coyote fan the 2nd round pick is great because Upshall will be a huge improvement over Carcillo who was expected to be part of the Coyote future, and the pick could snag another great prospect or could be used along with another pick to move up into another first round pick. It certainly won't hurt anything.

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