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09-10-2004, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
ahh ... you mean like todays system where the small market teams consistently out perform the big spending teams ?

good point.

Are you serious? I'm starting to think your name really suits you.

Let's look at the Cup champions for the past 10 years:
2004 Tampa Bay Lightning
2003 New Jersey Devils
2002 Detroit Red Wings
2001 Colorado Avalanche
2000 New Jersey Devils
1999 Dallas Stars
1998 Detroit Red Wings
1997 Detroit Red Wings
1996 Colorado Avalanche
1995 New Jersey Devils
1994 New York Rangers

Besides Tampa, which of these are small market teams?

What's really unhealthy is for the last 10 years it's basically been the same 4 teams out of 30 which have won the cup or were finalists. These are all big budget, American dollar teams.

I think the point here is that everyone knows that a big budget doesn't equal success - just look at Toronto and New York. But everyone also knows that all other things being equal, a big budget gives you a big advantage.

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