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04-03-2009, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by _AC_ View Post
To be honest, I see the exact opposite of what you listed in Marc Staal.
I mean seriously, "does not make the greatest desciscions w/the puck?" "Does not play it well off the boards?"

He is probably the most deceptive d-men in his zone in the entire league. His hockey sense in the defensive zone is reaching elite levels....yet we have ppl claiming he is overrated of all things.
whoa, i respect what ur saying and all but this is why staal is so hyped. staal is very inconsistent. man to man he's an exceptional defenseman. But he is not what you are making him out to be. He has the potential to be what everyone says no doubt but currently he is no where near what he is said to be. the only reason people make praise him is because the rest of the rangers defense is so bad that he's quite possibly the only gem the rangers have, the only hope they can see. i dont agree with it one bit, it is an awful amount of pressure to be putting on someone who is 22 years old. he has no mentor to teach him how to excel, he has a good line mate who also is inconsistent and then 4 holes to make up for. with the right guidance he can become one of hte best defensemen in the league, but right now his game has a lot of holes.

now to what you said up there... exactly what does being one of the most deceptive defensemen have to do with anything? i just found that silly. deception is absolutley the last thing a defender should have as a quality. if anything leave that to the forwards? and i absolutely do not see a hint more of deception in marc staal than i see in any other average defender in the league. what does he do exactly to qualify him for that? next you said he is getting to elite level?!?! well that is what i was talking about in putting pressure on a 22 year old kid. you cant do that man. not only that but that statement is completely false. staal has been in the league for 2 years. not even ovechkin and crosby were elite after 2 years. as with the last thing i looked at... what exactly makes him elite? he's awfully slow. but let's not use that against him, chara is also slow and he's in my eyes elite. but does marc staal have that 105 mph shot like chara? does he have the ability to transform an offense, a power play? no. not only that but staal is also frequently out of position. not knowing when to chip in, when to pass the puck and not carelessly take it into the oponents zone with minimal support. listen im not going to go on with just criticizing marc staal. i have like no hockey talent. it is easy for me to just sit here in front of a computer and judge. staal for his age is developping into a solid defender. he has the makings to be an elite defender. is he yet? no. will he be? i am very hopeful. personally he's my favorite ranger. he shows effort and commitment. but the way people make him out to be is wrong. you guys put too much pressure on him. it is his 2nd year, ofcourse he will be making mistakes. its natural. but to call him elite, well that's just plain ignorance.

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