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09-10-2004, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
The NHLPA again has publically said something that will continue to hurt them in the PR war that a strike/lockout often is. After the NHL rejected today's luxury tax offer, Trevor Linden said the following.... "At some point the owners need to understand the players will never accept a salary cap or any system arbitrarily linking payroll to league revenues."

What that says loud and clear is that they don't care about the owners ability to make a profit, or ticket prices(which means they don't care about the average fan).
They don't care how much money the league is making. They want their money first. That is pretty hard to defend. Just from a PR perspective saying they won't accept a salary cap may work fine, but saying they won't accept any link of payroll to revenue of any kind at any percentage says loud and clear that they don't care if any owner makes a single dollar. They want every dollar they can get out of the game regardless of the damage that it might do to the league.
It's incredible that you posted that, I said the exact same thing to a friend.

When I heard Linden say that part on TSN it really pissed me off. I immediately said : ungrateful spoiled brats. If they don't care about the financial health of the league that is making them rich, then I hope when a few teams start disapearing players like Irbe and Linden find themselves without a place to play. That would be ironic.

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