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04-03-2009, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
when you say he's reaching elite levels it implies he has basically gotten to the point where he is almost htere... which he is not.

also i dont know where you thought of that deception thing? a defender's job is not go out and make some sort of spectacular play where he tricks out all 5 men of the opposing team.
lol you're making me laugh. Stop writing. Yes he is almost there.

Where I thought of the deception thing? How about you watch some hockey? I mean really watch it. Not do 40 things while watching the game at the same time. A defenders job is to....defend. But there are different levels of defenders. Those who are just average; 5-6 pairing. Those who are above average; 3-4 pairing, and than those who are good to elite; 1-2 pairing. Marc Staal is just that...a 1-2 pairing d-men. Put a offensive d-men(MDZ) next to him and you got a solid duo.

I mean seriously. I sometimes question if you guys watch these games. He's too slow?(and when does being slow have anything to do with deception)? He is soft? and better yet, the one that made me laugh like a little school girl was----> he's always out of position. Are we describing Tom Poti or what? These are abysmal descriptions of a player that is going to be a special component of this team moving on. I mean there's being conservative, and then there's being awfully stupid with some of these aquisitons about Staal. Give it a rest already, and watch the kid play instead of day dreaming.

You can reply back to this post, but I won't write back because you obviously dont get it.

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