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04-03-2009, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by _AC_ View Post
lol you're making me laugh. Stop writing. Yes he is almost there.

Where I thought of the deception thing? How about you watch some hockey? I mean really watch it. Not do 40 things while watching the game at the same time. A defenders job is to....defend. But there are different levels of defenders. Those who are just average; 5-6 pairing. Those who are above average; 3-4 pairing, and than those who are good to elite; 1-2 pairing. March staal is just that...a 1-2 pairing d-men. Put a offensive d-men(MDZ) next to him and you got a solid duo.

I mean seriously. I sometimes question if you guys watch these games. He's too slow?(and when does being slow have anything to do with deception)? He is soft? and better yet, the one that made me laugh like a little school girl was----> he's always out of position. Are we describing Tom Poti or what? These are abysmal descriptions of a player that is going to be a special component of this team moving on. I mean there's being conservative, and then there's being awfully stupid with some of these aquisitons about Staal. Give it a rest already, and watch the kid play instead of day dreaming.
laugh out loud. you are hysterical. maybe you should watch a hockey game without all the bias that you read and are presented to. have you ever even watched del zotto play? or is that somehting you just happened to say because half the board is making him out to be a mesiah? i wont get into mdz b/c well i want to finish this argument of staal. first of all... are you stupid? set aside that the person we're talking aobut is del zotto. you basically told me put an offensive defenseman with a shut down defensman. real smart. that way when one defenseman goes to shoot the other can be the defenseman on the 3 on 1. secondly... im aware of the fact of line pairings. and taking all of that into consideration marc staal should NOT be on the 1st pairing. he lacks the experience to play it. that's all that should be said. he should be a 2nd pairing. someone in a transition to play the main role. he shouldnt have this ridiculous playing time. that is the mistake of renney and tortorella. and in fact it is hindering his play. dont give me this crap that he's elite. he isnt. he's no where near it. go watch dion phaneuf play, go watch cristian souray play, sergei gonchar, chris pronger, brian campbell, etc. they are all 1st pairing defenders and you are telling me that staal is comparable to them? absolutley not. please just dont evne argue this anymore. it is based on all the positive things you hear the announcers say, and all the hype you read about him. if YOU actually watched the game you would be able to see this all. yet for someone who apparently intently watches every game you have no sense of this. in fact you are making staal out to be this polished defender who is right about to become the best defender the nhl has ever seen. third... i never said he was soft. in fact his physicality is the only good part to his game that i see. but im glad you laugh like a little school girl. fourth... it is undeniable that staal has a lack of common sense. watch how teams penalty kill. generally they tend to clear the puck or atleast attempt to clear it on their first attempt. yesterday alone i witnessed the exact antithesis of how a penalty kill should be executed by staal. evidence in the first goal carolina scored. staal had an opportunity to drive it hard out of the zone, or atleast try to, yet he held the puck, tried a little weak pass up the boards and then was idle until the goal was scored. had he been a top defender he would have noticed the 3 carolina players migrating towards him and would tried in all his power to clear the puck. instead his lack of experience allowed him to hold the puck, try a chip pass to another player, which was understandably stolen, and then was helpless in preventing hte goal he basically started. also let's not get in on the atlanta game where staal was in on all 4 goals

if you havent noticed staal is constantley out of position. the defender has no role carrying the puck behind the opposing team's net... yet staal was found there 4 times last night. 4! are you joking? that's going back to common sense. he has NO place in being that far deep in the zone. if he wanted to go there so badly he should have trained to be a forward. i realize there is being conservative and awfully stupid, but ur basis for this argument is very shallow.

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