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09-10-2004, 08:23 AM
Defence first
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Since i am a hockey fan it is hard for me just to sit back and pick a side. Overall i think that the players are at fault here. The players make way to much money for what they do. The average NHL fan can not afford to go out and go to a game.
People might say that it si the owners fault for paying all that money but it was the players and the players agents who demanded the money to begin with. Just look around the league to see which players held out for MORE MONEY and we are not talking a 25 cent raise at the end of the year that the average guy would get!
What do the players have to fear from a cap? it is not like they are not going to get paid alot of money! From what i undersatand the union works for the players and the players work for the owners and the players also work for us! The fans are the ones who "pay the bills", we are the ones who buy the papers, play the video games. Who is in charge , us not likely !!