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Originally Posted by freestyla View Post
Yeah you're probably going to get hit hard on duties/custom fees with UPS. Have you checked out ice jerseys or river city sports?
Duty is not charged by UPS (or any delivery company). Duty is charged by the government.

UPS will charge you brokerage fees if your ship it by ground. They can be costly.

UPS' rates can be found HERE.

You really get shafted if what you ordered has a value of just over $20 CAD.
First, you have to pay GST on it, and any duty that the government applies. Although, if your item is made in North America, there likely won't be any duty, thanks to NAFTA.
Then you have your customs clearance/brokerage fees.
$7.00 Entry prep (paperwork fees)
$5.85 Bond fee (fee for paying the GST to the government for you up front)
$4.25 COD fee (fee for having to collect these fees from you upon delivery)
GST on these fees.

So your $20.01 CAD item you bought has $20 in brokerage fees/taxes.

You can request to clear it yourself through customs, but that does require you to go to the port of entry and file the paperwork. And they are not found in every city.

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