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Originally Posted by lxzred View Post
By now it's pretty obvious which of the "blind haters" or "blind" people you are.
I refuse to lower myself with free name calling and accusations. I'm too old for that.

Originally Posted by lxzred View Post
Any rational person who could blame Kovelev for all the teams problems would logically also give him kudos when he plays well or for being the only 38 year old player making 4.5 mill/year even CAPABLE of carrying his team (never mind the well being of his team laying solely on his shoulders).
I've acknowledged that Kovalev has turned things around since being put on Tanguay's line. But a few good games don't "blind me" as you say in believing that it wipes the rest of his season and that at his age, considering his history, I don't want him back on this team, although I do think that Gainey and has a hard-on for him and that he'll likely be back.

Originally Posted by lxzred View Post
But I'm not going to argue with you till the end of time, but maybe it is time you keep your opinions to yourself and stop expecting everyone to agree with you.
Just in case you hadn't noticed, this is a place to exchange opinions. I will continue to post, and so will you I'm sure. The difference is that I'm fine with what you post even if it goes against what I believe. See, opinions are just that. Mine isn't better than yours but the reverse is also very much true. The sooner everyone understands that, the better it will be.

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