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09-10-2004, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
Why should the players give back money that [b]owners agreed to pay them in the first place?
Cause they are a part of the league that will fold if they don't. They have an obligation to care and do what is best/necessary for hockey.

Yes they do.

If that's a problem (it apparently is), screw em.

If someone paid me 5 million when I'm worth 3 million, and then realized they were hugely mistaken financially; I would a) shake my head in mocking frustration.....and eventually, b) learn to deal with/help enable the consequence ....OR be outta work.

I have hopes that many players feel this way. In fact, maybe the majority DO see it this way..........

I don't advocate any of the proposed "deals" necesarily.....but I'm fuming over the "its not our fault" response...... As Stich said...IT DOESN'T MATTER!
Stand on the playyard and cry about it some more NHLPA! It's now your fault if a season doesn't occur. Just as much as it is an owners' problem.

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