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09-10-2004, 10:58 AM
True Blue
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As I have been stating for a while now, the main problem is that the only "cost-certainty" that Bettman is willing to accept is a hard salary cap. One of the major problems of his thoughts is that he is trying to make the cap such a low number, so as to ensure that the smallest of Canadian teams can have equal footing with the Detroit Redwings or the Rangers. He is turning a blind eye to the different economies of the 2 different countries.
The players once again countered with a luxury tax system, that was rejected outright. In reading the comments, it appears that Bettman does not take any proposal seriously if it has any language in it that does not specifically include the words "salary cap".
Mayhaps he should be reminded that the only major sport to include such a cap is football. However, football also has a huge central revenue source 2 things that make it possible for such a cap: non-guaranteed contracts and guaranteed signing bonuses.
Still, it just appears that Bettman wants to punish the players for mistakes that the owners made (and still make).

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