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09-10-2004, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JWhelan
Why should the NHLPA pay for the mistakes of the owners and Bettman? The NHL wanted teams in areas that never even heard of hockey. Which creates more "fringe" players, which in turn drive up salaries as a whole.

The owners are the ones offering and paying the large salaries.
You can not blame the players for accepting them....

If I was a player, and I was offered $5,000,000/Year, I would accept it in a heartbeat even though I was only worth $1,000,000/Year.

Can anyone really blame the current NHL financial situation on the players? Obviously Bobby Holik is going to accept the $8,850,000 he made last year, even though he is worth no more than $2,000,000/Year.

I really needed to vent, I am furious that there might be no hockey this year. The only thing good that could come out of it, is some of the teams folding. Nashville? Atlantia? Florida? Tampa Bay? etc. Correct me if I am wrong, but Tampa Bay had around 8000 fans show up for the Stanley Cup Parade??? Get rid of the teams that exist in places where Bowling is more popular than hockey.

If what I have said does not make sense, it is because I get pretty upset thinking about this CBA stuff.... :mad:

Just my opinion and 2Cents worth.
sure,t hose teams might fold...but so would...

ottawa, edmonton, calgary...and every other team on NHL life support. I wouldn't hope for the "lockout solution," if I were you...because even healthy teams would take a beating, and you'd see 3 teams in Canada...if that.

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