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09-10-2004, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ceber

Apparently they don't necessarily disagree with the total loss claimed.

Looks like six teams are responsible for shutting down the league this season. I wonder who they are?
Even if assuming that the union's numbers are accurate (I have my own personal bias that says that the numbers are likely inaccurate... but for the sake of making a point, I assume that they are correct)

6 out of 30 franchises lost $170 million... 20%!!! That's more than one whole Division!

If it was just 6 out of 200 or more franchises (i.e. < 5%), I'd say this doesn't show a severe problem... But 6 out of 30 losing $170 million is very significant - that's 20% of all the franchises losing, on average, approx. $30 million each!!!

Is the NHLPA that dense... or are they simply trying to give the impression by using the little number 6 (PR move) that the NHL's problems aren't as significant as the independent auditor and the NHL say it is... hmm...

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