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09-10-2004, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321
It wouldn't matter how much cap room you'd have in a year or two. A player is not going to sit for a year and wait. If another team has the cap room to sign him, he's gone.
if your player really wanted to stick around, then he'd stick around, if he was only out for money, then why should you worry about him, let him bleed another franchise dry... hell, for all anyone knows said player could go into a slump (ie lapointe), then you'd be happy you didn't sign him to such a lucrative deal, bottom line, if a player wants to remain with your team he'll work around the glass so as not to spill any water, if he is all about the water then toss him in the pacific ocean and let him drown when he goes into a slump, if said player was 100 % worth the amount he wants then an owner wouldn't mind letting the glas overflow a little to retain said player

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