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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
I cant see how a ref would call that if he saw the stick lift.
If a guy grabs your arm and punches himself in the face with your hand, you are not getting roughing.

I dont know sounds fishy. Either there was no stick lift or the ref didnt see it and agree it was his fault.

"Section B-When a player carries or holds any part of his stick above the shoulders of the opponent so that injury results"

In this situation you where neither carrying or holding. It was forced by another player. So i cant see how it could be a DM

"Section A-Any contact made by a stick on an opponent above the shoulders is prohibited and a minor shall be imposed subject to section (b) of this Rule"

This makes it seem like it could be 2 minutes. But, i dont know, just cant see it.
Say you are skating along with the puck and you try and deke around the D-Man... but while you are trying to regain control of the puck again you hook the D-Mans stick causing it to hit your skate and causing you to trip. They'll most likely call a tripping penalty on the D-Man.

Kind of the same situation.

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