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09-10-2004, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Jets4Life
The NHL could take drastic measures if the lockoout is not resolved by next summer. Shutting down the league, and opening say...the NHA (National Hockey Association) is looking like a much better idea as time passes. This has happened before.

In my city, one of the leading trucking companies had their workers go on strike. For days, workers picketed. Then one fateful day when the workers showed up to picket, the place was closed down. the next day, the trucks were repainted to read the new name of the company. The company had ceased operations for a day, then reopened as a entirely new company.

The employees lost their jobs for good, since the company they worked for no longer existed. If a business is losing tons of money, and the workers are not willing to agree to paycuts, or layoffs, why not take drastic measures? it may be the only way pro hockey will resume!
Because there isn't a huge supply of equivalent hockey players like there are truckers. For the customers of that new trucking company there would be little difference in the product.

If the NHL were to do that, there would be a massive difference in the quality of the product. They'd be selling a Kia quality product at a Rolls Royce price.

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