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09-10-2004, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by O_Oglethorpe
Franchise Values

This Marquette Law Review study shows that nearly all franchises have seen their value grow. While some have lost value in the last year, information is from 2003, most are worth more than their initial cost.
Interesting study, but perhaps not worth the pdf the report is printed on. For example, they have Anaheim worth $111 million, when supposedly they were offered $50 million today.

Originally Posted by ceber
Apparently they don't necessarily disagree with the total loss claimed.
The owners said $270 million, so there is a difference there.

Originally Posted by SensGod
The owners had a CBA which clearly gave them the controls to keep salaries under control. Players are only entitled to recieve a 10% raise a year until they are a UFA.
That has been proven wrong over and over again. First of all, there's arbitration, a one sided system only available to players, that increases salaries massively.

Secondly, while players may only be entitled to 10% raises, very few get that, because most players won't accept it. They hold it, causing their team massive harm, until the GM's have no choice but to give in to the players demands.

Oh sure, a GM can always hold the line, let his team sink into mediocrity, let players walk for nothing because they're asking for too much, but guess what that leads to? Their own firing, because they're doing a bad job.

Do you make decisions at work that directly lead to your firing? Hardly.

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