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09-10-2004, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by PecaFan
Hardly. First of all, take them away, and you're still left with a business that's losing somewhere from $60 to $100 million a year, and increasing each year. The easy revenue streams have been tapped, you can't just add new stadiums, more skyboxes, third uniforms like they could during the past eight years.

Further, these aren't independent franchises, where you can just shut down one without affecting the others. Tossing away six franchises is going to massively hurt the league, not help it.
Maybe. Let's try it and see.

Devil's advocate:
We'd get a nice influx of players who've been making a pile of money (I'm assuming the teams losing the most are the teams paying the most in salary.. that may be faulty). Suddenly the market supply of FAs jumps up quite a bit, driving down salaries, possibly considerably. The talent level on the remaining teams goes up, which some people argue would improve the quality of the game, driving more ticket sales and increasing revenue.

While the losses may continue for a while, there's a chance the trend will start to correct itself. No doubt there would be pain, but I'm not conviced it would massively hurt the league.

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