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09-10-2004, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jets4Life
The offer that the NHLPA brought to the table is a complete joke. They could have at least caved in a bit. It just proves how brainwashed Goodenaw has left the players. Think about it. The average career of an NHL'er is what.....7-8 years?
How much should they cave ? 5% paycut is 5% paycut. Putting a luxury tax is stabilizing the inflation of salary. Entry Draft signing will be stabilize. They offer between 190-220M$ Millions of cuts. + it will decrease the salary of 5% which will not be gained for 2-3 years. (-3% in MLB even if only the Yankees pay the TAX).

Maybe you need to understand that's it's not the players to caved but to both to compromised & that is completely different. You have the owner who just don't cave but stand firm in only 1 proposal : A CAP which is WORSE than the NHLPA who is still offering something. 6 proposal for a cap is still 1 proposal divide in 6 different way to do it.

right now it's not a negotiation it's a unilateral offer from the owner , take it or leave it.

Originally Posted by Jets4Life
The average salary is 1.8 million. If the lockout lasts say....a year and 1/2, the players are giving up as much as 20-25% OF their lifetime earnings. That may not sound like much for the average North american who makes 35,000-40,000/year. But these players live in luxury. They have Ferrari's, million dollar lakeside homes, etc. How are they going to keep up the affluent lifestyle if they don't have any income coming in for a year or two?
Again : are the owners only making 45,000$ ???? You blame the players having ferraris but it's ok for an owner to have 4-5-6-7 houses of 1Millions +, getting way to not pay the government with charity exposure ???

Your owner lose 10M$ , his fortune will got from 500,000,000$ to 490,000,000$ before the profits made this year from his real companies ????

The joke is not the player.

Put the perspective on both side please.

Originally Posted by Jets4Life
Maybe they could play in Europe and make 10-15% of what the NHL pays them. This is why the Union will crumble. In 2005, when the next season starts, I can guarantee, you will see dozens of players break from the union, and side with the owners.
you live in a dream world.

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