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09-10-2004, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish
Millionaires, Billionaires,'s not like they're hurting for money on either side.

And to tony's point, a very similar situation is that which the big airlines face with the pilots and other unions. No one ultimately benefits if everything folds...obviously the owners have plenty of blame, and are the ones that created the problem, but if the players don't help fix it then they'll find that some or all of them will be without work.

I look back now and realize that the Bruins have been doing the right thing, despite the criticism. If the league operated the way they did (and they had a higher standard of ownership to avoid the Baldwins and Spanos of the world) then perhaps we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

But the bottom line is there's a problem that needs a solution, assigning blame will not get you any closer to a solution, and it's something that will require both sides to budge.
i totally agree with your point on the bruins and it kinda of proves my point in my earlier post. ultimately it's the owners that set market value not the players. a player can ask for whatever he chooses but if the owner stands firm and doesn't pay over market the player will be left with little choice. he can either sit out or sign for fair market. i dont't think anyone will argue against the thought that expansion severely depleted the talent pool. with that said the nhl (bettman) should've realized that supply and demand would drive the price for free agent talent higher but they continued to expand. while i do think salaries are too high i don't think a cap is neccessarily the answer. it's of my opinion that the market needs to naturally correct by having some of the non-profitable teams fold subsequently flooding the market with players. i trade for a living and i know plenty of sales guys and traders that were making big bucks that were let go as banks and dealers merged. when they hit the street they were all competing for a finite amount of jobs and most of them were forced to take jobs for less money or change careers.

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