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09-10-2004, 03:03 PM
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There is of course one big difference between traders and players...traders seldom have their contract guaranteed, and also make money based on bonuses/commissions rather than base salary. If players were recompensed the same way then we'd also not be in this fact guaranteed salaries have been a big contributor IMO to the escalation, and when you add in the Flyers and Rangers of the league who are willing to take on these contracts that other teams signed, it's just a mess.

Add in unrestricted free agency which was introduced in the last CBA, and it's artificial maket conditions that it created for 31+ year olds.

Finally, free market conditions lead to consolidation in the private sector, but as we see the level of consolidation can get quite high in specialist industries. The NHL would still have to step in at some point and artificially determine how many franchises would be allowed to remain...and we'd end up with maybe 6-8 clubs who could spend like no tomorrow and the remainder who'd be in a similar position as the ones today.

After all, it's not the Rangers, Flyers, Stars, Wings or Leafs who are hurting financially...

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