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09-10-2004, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Seachd
You're not giving the players near enough credit for screwing this up. Do you honestly think that all the players would be content if the average salary was still under $1 million? That we'd all be holding hands and it would be raining jellybeans? The owners did their part of negociation by raising salaries over time. The players did their part by demanding the same. Yeah, the owners were probably overly generous.

That doesn't mean salaries should just keep escalating. The owners are still being generous by proposing a deal that will put the average salary at $1.3 million, just down from $1.8 million.

If I'm getting paid way too much for what I do in the first place, and my salary has tripled in the past few years, I'm not going to hold out for more unless I'm greedy. That's what the players are doing, and that's what they are.

And the players are doing the same thing, by saying it's a useless luxury tax or nothing.
I don't know how old you are but in the 70's , 80's even if the early 90's that was exactly that. Owners not making any compromise, making tons of profit while a player had a hard time justifying a raise.

again what 1,3M$ et 1,8M$ means alone ? NOTHING !!

Players salaries goes up because the revenues goes up. The problems is that the owner hired GM's that didn't look at the financial part, they just looked at having a good team.

Players never said it's a luxury tax or nothing. They would like in their dream world, no tax & everything goes up like the owners with a cap of 31M$. Instead they propose the luxury tax that with this the market will go down a bit (MLB just show a 3% decrease on year 1 of the CBA) & the taxe will be spread to the small market team? how is that profitable for the players concretely ? don't tell me it's profitable because it's not a cap. The cap never existed.

The 5% paycut is also a paycut like it or not maybe you want to make it look like it's nothing because 5% of 1,000,000$ is 50,000$ so those players lose 50,000$ per 1 million but it's still a paycut that will give more than 100M$ less to the expense.

quick questions for you :

Do you believe the bank directors when they say they need to give the pink slip to people to make profit ?

Do you believe your boss when they tell you that if they give you a 2% raise it could make the company suffer ? Do you believe your boss when they give you more work hours for the same salary because they need to restructure the company to not make deficits ?

If so , then maybe I understand why you think the owners need you.

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