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09-10-2004, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Stich
What matters is getting the league to a point where the owners can all be profitable.
Are you serious ? Where do you live ? Saturn ? Mars ?

Send me a company where I can put my money somewhere & making profits without caring of the management & how they intend to do it & I'll sign you a check right away.

I have a company years ago, I invest 10,000$ & nowhere it's says , you will make 10,000$ for sure. I had to work hard, I had to make decisions & not just easy decisions to make sure I'm gonna be successful.

If I make BAD DECISIONS, I DESERVE to lose money
If I make GOOD DECISIONS, I DESERVE to make money.

Now can you HONESTLY tell me that the 20-22 organisations that LOSS money in the NHL made ALL GOOD DECISIONS & they still lose money because of the CBA ?????

The owners hired mostly GM's that didn't care about the $$$$ they spend & those bad decision make the owners lose money & because of that the DESERVE to be where they are today & they have NO RIGHT whatsoever to dictate the next collective bargaining agreement like a dictator : ''It's OUR WAY or the HIGHWAY''.

There's 2 sides in this & the owners need to fix their problem in the context that they won't repair everything in 1 day.

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