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09-10-2004, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Seachd
You're not giving the players near enough credit for screwing this up. Do you honestly think that all the players would be content if the average salary was still under $1 million? That we'd all be holding hands and it would be raining jellybeans? The owners did their part of negociation by raising salaries over time. The players did their part by demanding the same. Yeah, the owners were probably overly generous.

That doesn't mean salaries should just keep escalating. The owners are still being generous by proposing a deal that will put the average salary at $1.3 million, just down from $1.8 million.

If I'm getting paid way too much for what I do in the first place, and my salary has tripled in the past few years, I'm not going to hold out for more unless I'm greedy. That's what the players are doing, and that's what they are.

And the players are doing the same thing, by saying it's a useless luxury tax or nothing.
How does the NHLPA control players' salaries when players' salaries are negotiated in good faith between owners' agents and players' agents on the premise of market value. The current CBA limits a players options of movements but it does not (rookie salary caps excluded), as far as I know, determine their salaries.

That being so, what's your point? That players are greedy because owners are willing to pay them ludicrous amounts? Twisted logic at best.

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