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04-04-2009, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I would love to hear from the people who were saying how much better offensivly Carcillo is than Upshall.
I wouldn't say he is better, maybe even. Upshall hasn't done enough offensively for me to consider him a good offensive player, and Carcillo is also over a year younger. Both have room to grow and I think if Carcillo can start to use his half decent hands for good, I think we'll be happy with what he becomes. People need to stop putting players up on a podium because they haven't really accomplished much (i.e. Downie and Upshall) and do not deserve to be there. A former first round pick that has career high numbers of 30 points and 14 goals is NOT someone you worry about losing. 6th overall pick too...what a waste.

We like the type of player Upshall is -- fiesty, fast, agitator, makes things happen out there -- but frankly for what he will command in salary and his missed potential, he is a fluke of a player who should have done much, much more in his career up to this point. Even though when he was drafted he was considered to be nothing more than a future 3rd liner at best (wow, surprise surprise) there will always be this stigma that he needs to be more. And he won't be.

There is no way that Carcillo has played his way off the team after tonight. The officiating was horrible and he probably just let that be known. To get thrown out like that is just another case of a referee being bigger than the game. I've reffed plenty of games and its taken me much longer to throw someone out than what those guys did tonight. If Jones and Alberts are still on this team, I doubt Carcillo leaves.

The majority of this board needs to realize Upshall was nothing special -- a nice player to have, but so was Vaananen and we're doing just fine without these interchangeable parts. Powe does the same type of job that Upshall does and is gaining confidence game by game. If he can drop in 20 points a season at the NHL level, then we're looking at a cheaper version of Upshall.

Moving the second rounder in the deal was questionable at best. Might have been because we were up so close to the cap and Holmgren was desperate, but still -- tough to give up. But we need to stop with this Upshall euphoria because he isn't as skilled or important as we make it him out to be.

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