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04-04-2009, 11:29 PM
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Looking at both stadiums (pictures and driving by both of them) they both represent each team's personalities perfectly.

Yankees = overdone, grandeur, upper class, stoic, Yankee tradition...

Mets = two fan bases culminating into one (Giants fans & Dodgers fans turning into Mets fans), more fan friendly, smaller and more intimate, more colorful, middle class...

I can see how each would appeal to their fan base.

As a Mets fan Citi Field appeals to me. I can see how Yankee Stadum would appeal to a Yankees fan.

Both nice, i still find Citi Field to be more inviting, though. Yankee Stadium feels too much like a CIA Headquarters or something.

By the way, what are they doing with old Yankee Stadium? They're not going to keep it up are they? Seems a little ridiculous to keep it around.

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