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09-10-2004, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by paxtang
Honestly? I think they could give two *****. JR has never been proven to be anything but well liked in the Flyers dressing room, and if anything he did gave anyone a problem, I'd put money down people like Primeau would tell him to shut the hell up. This whole anti JR movement that's started with some Philly fans is just retarded, you people are overblowing some comments and are being played by the media.
I'm sorry, remind me how many other NHL players come out and say that they would love to play in other cities? The media's job is just to report this and most newspapers will report facts believe it or not. I don't really see how I'm being "played" by them.

You can say his teammates don't care, maybe they don't, but I really wouldn't be surprised if some of them, especially the new arrivals, did care a bit. JR pretty much dissed them when he said that they weren't going to replace Rex and LeClair. Well if they perform in the playoffs, that's good enough for me and it's not JR's place to say things like that anyway. Seems like he's making up for the lack of face time in the playoffs.

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