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The Goaltenders

G Ken Wregget

- You might be surprised to see Ken Wregget's name here considering his reputation is primarily as a backup goalie. But Wregget played 35 or more games eight times, and 25 or more fourteen times. He toiled for the leafs for Parts of six seasons, leadng the league in losses twice, yet was so valuable that the Flyers parted with two first round picks to acquire him. He won two cups with Pittsburgh as a backup to Barrasso - he only played 40 minutes in total those seasons. You may not be aware of this, but he was 5th in Norris voting in the 1995 season. But his calling card is his playoff performance. Wregget has the most career playoff minutes and playoff wins of all unselected goalies, and his career playoff sv% of .911 is 14 points higher than the league average in the years he played. That adds up to 21 goals he saved, that an average goalie wouldn't have. He was the MVP of two big Leafs playoff upsets in 1986 and 1987. Aside from 1988, it seemed everywhere Wregget went, he brought it in the playoffs.

G Sergei Mylnikov

- Didn't reach the heights that his understudy Belosheikin did (two time soviet all-star, MVP runner-up), but had a longer and more consistent career, and proved himself against top competition. Mylnikov was a one-time Soviet all-star in 1988, and was 3rd in Russian MVP voting in 1989. He played in 5 World Championships (3 Golds), The 1988 Olympics (Gold), and the 1987 Canada Cup for Russia (Runner-up). In those games, he went 27-2 with a 1.94 GAA. One of his two losses was the Canada Cup deciding match. He got bombed in the NHL when the terrible Nordiques gave him a 7-game tryout.

G Gilles Villemure

- Villemure was sure to spend his career in the minors until expansion came. After that, he played 34+ games four times, past the age of 30. Compiled a really pretty record of 100-64-29. Played in three all-star games - by being selected to play, not being on a cup winner. Shared the 1971 Vezina with his teammate Ed Giacomin. Was top-4 in GAA three seasons in a row. Would make a great backup in an all-time setting.

The Spares:

C Larry Popein

- Popein's numbers aren't that impressive considering he centered Bathgate and Prentice for a few seasons. However, he did hold his own and was the primary defensive conscience of the line. Both and "Heroes" describe him as a "hustling, two-way centreman". "Players" says "he could score a bit and hit like thunder". For these reasons I think he makes a great spare - he can hold his own on a scoring line if need be, he can play defensive, and he can be physical - in other words, he can fill in on any line.

D Marek Zidlicky

- I wanted an offensive ringer on the blueline for my final spare, and I was torn between a guy who was 4th, 5th, and 7th among defensemen in points, and won two cups, but did this in the four most war-ravaged seasons and did little else outside of those years, and the tiny Zidlicky, who has been top-15 among defensemen three times, peaking at 4th. I ultimately chose Zidlicky, who was even decent enough to be 14th in Norris voting as a rookie. Zidlicky is a fantastic PP defenseman who is great with the puck and a slick passer. He is tiny, and can sometimes get pushed around, but always comes back for more. He has proven to be very resilient and is best described as a poor man's Brian Rafalski. Playoff success has eluded him as he has played on the Predators, but he has represented his country seven times, scoring 37 points in 49 games.

The Coach:

Jacques Martin

- A good coach who has had a long career but just couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Martin has a .551 win% over 1098 games, and a 38-47 playoff record. Martin won the 1999 Jack Adams award, was a 3rd-place finalist three separate times, and was 5th in voting another time. At this point he is as good a coach as you will find.

This completes my third All-Undrafted Roster. Players with a * have already been mentioned in this thread:

Parker MacDonald - Guy Charron - Jiri Lala
Alex Kaleta - Robert Lang - Jonathan Cheechoo
Val Fonteyne - Rudy Migay - Bill Hicke
Baldy Cotton - Jiri Hrdina - Colin Patterson

Randy Manery - Jean Potvin
Dmitri Mironov* - Boris Mironov*
Robert Picard* - John McKinnon

C Larry Popein*
D Marek Zidlicky

Jacques Martin

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