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Comments on players mentioned earlier in this thread that I did not choose for my all-undrafted teams:

LW Sergei Yashin - This guy was going to make my team but the more I look, the less special he looks. The highest he ever placed in Russian League scoring is 9th. He may have scored 35 goals internationally when you count all the exhibition games Chidlovski counts, but in official tournaments he played 41 games with 7 goals and 9 assists. The only time he was ever close to the leading scorer on the National team was when he was 5th with 4 assists in the 1984 Canada Cup. There are much better choices - Skvortsov, Svetlov, Polupanov, and others.

G Wayne Stephenson - Not too bad. His resume is very similar to Gilles Villemure in a lot of ways.

D Joel Quenneville - Good for him for lasting 13 seasons, but he's a bit nondescript for my tastes. Never stood out offensively, and was frequently below -10.

RW Radek Dvorak - There are tons of active forwards with better accomplishments than him.

C Don Gallinger - Too much "woulda, coulda" with him. He did alright while he was around, but three of his 5 seasons were war-ravaged years.

C Art Jones - There's no question he was highly dominant in the WHL. maybe more dominant than anyone besides Guile Fielder. But when looking at the 100-odd players in the WHL in any given season, I see only about 10 names that had completed or were on their way to, decent NHL careers. Competition level is a major question mark. Is Jones one of the "next best" at this time? maybe. Tough to say. As you can see from my all-undrafted teams, I went with more "sure things".

C Milan Marcetta - Where are you seeing that he played just six full seasons in the WHL? I see 690 games over 13 seasons, which is closer to 10 full seasons when combined. In any case, I don't think he was that dominant, not to the level of a Jones or Fielder. The intriguing thing is the 14 in 14 in 1968. It was in a scrub division, but still, that's impressive. Flash of greatness, or sign of what could have been?

G Ken Campbell - A really impressive non-NHL resume: Allan Cup, Memorial Cup, World Championship. And he really is the shutout king: 19 shutouts in 110 recorded games. He's a case of a guy who never, ever played top competition but always stood out wherever he played. He is the goalie version of The Trail Smoke Eaters' Harry Smith, who I almost put on my third all-undrafted team.

LW Marco Sturm - Is 89th in points over the course of his career so far - tied with Darcy Tucker and behind undrafted players Lang, Prospal, Stillman, Brunette, Langkow, Nylander, Stumpel, Morrison, Samsonov, Smolinski, O'Neill, Kozlov, and Perreault. Do you like his defensive game that much?

RW/C Ian Laperriere - Good player, hard not to like him. Ethan Moreau lite. But I wouldn't name him in this thread, personally. This is much more pronounced in the ATD and MLD, of course, but there have been so many good players over the past 120 years, that we are able to get scorig stars like Keith Tkachuk, Martin St. Louis, and Marian Hossa on 4th lines in the ATD, Alf Skinner and Syl Apps Jr on MLD 4th lines, Mickoski and Satan in the AAA, and so on. Even after four drafts, there are plenty of talented hockey players who are either defensive specialists or decent offensive players who can play with a 3rd or 4th line mentality, as I've demonstrated with the likes of Baldy Cotton, Pete Horeck, Alexander Uvarov, Pete Babando, Ken Schinkel, etc. There is no need to select "real life 4th liners" to play on a 4th line in an all-time context. Even if they're the best at that 4th-line role. maybe if we get 2500 picks deep one of these drafts.

C Daymond Langkow - Really solid selection. I could have easily included him in my rosters. It was close. I like him a lot more than Sturm. Better offensively and defensively. Positional scarcity is the only thing that should see Sturm taken before Langkow.

LW/C Dave Hannan - See Ian Laperriere.

LW/C Peter Nedved - Did he do enough offensively to warrant selection or mention? One top-20 finish in goals and a bunch of 46-71 point seasons, leading to a decent career total. He's more established offensively than Sturm and Langkow, but the rest of his game is nonexistent.

LW Martin Rucinsky - Not bad. better all-around game and positional scarcity would make him a decent pick right now.

C Ab Demarco - Pit, I don't agree. Demarco played 65 games outside of the worst war years, and scored 25 points in them. Cain played over half his career before the war and had a couple of top-10 finishes. Likewise with Getliffe - 258 games, 151 points before the war.

LW Earl Balfour - It was close, but I just ran out of room. He was good at what he did, but so were the guys I took, and they were just better in other areas, like offensively or playoffs. It suddenly got really deep at LW - lots of guys who had three times the points per game as Balfour, and were also good checkers. Does he deserve a spot more than those guys?

LW Billy Dea, RW Billy McNeill, RW Bill Dineen - I'm not feeling it. They all look like decent checkers who couldn't stick in the big league long term. There are guys like them, who did stick around longer, who deserve credit first. Dineen had a good coaching career, though.

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