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Interesting... but do you think those guys really top-1000 all time?

I have a list of 50+ guys I decided were closer to scrubs than greats, didn't have the skill set (speed and hockey sense first and foremost) or experience or peak or career to warrant a depth ATD selection or MLD play.

That said,... there are some... Hrdina is a guy I absolutely respected and felt was majorly underappreciated. His skating and passing were pretty decent, his hockey sense incredible, always in the right place, making the smart plays. Good on face offs too. He had the talent to play against the best in an all-time context as a fourth line/extra skater utility role player. He had the talent and the peak (and I do NOT mean scoring points, unlike kyle's primary focus, in terms of judging worth to a hockey team) but not the career. I heemed and hummed about putting him on my AAA and Double-A teams, deciding in the end he might be a homer pick (I didn't like the Pens but not enough people I feel appreciate his talents as much as I do; he was crucial to that team in many ways).

RW/C Ian Laperriere - Good player, hard not to like him. Ethan Moreau lite. But I wouldn't name him in this thread, personally. This is much more pronounced in the ATD and MLD, of course, but there have been so many good players over the past 120 years, that we are able to get scorig stars like Keith Tkachuk, Martin St. Louis, and Marian Hossa on 4th lines in the ATD, Alf Skinner and Syl Apps Jr on MLD 4th lines, Mickoski and Satan in the AAA, and so on. Even after four drafts, there are plenty of talented hockey players who are either defensive specialists or decent offensive players who can play with a 3rd or 4th line mentality, as I've demonstrated with the likes of Baldy Cotton, Pete Horeck, Alexander Uvarov, Pete Babando, Ken Schinkel, etc. There is no need to select "real life 4th liners" to play on a 4th line in an all-time context. Even if they're the best at that 4th-line role. maybe if we get 2500 picks deep one of these drafts.
If the hockey gods got together and said you and I had to ice a team to play for our immortal souls: You put Tkachuk on your fourth line when your opposition has Bure out there and you need to rest your scoring lines protecting a lead, I'll put Lappy, thank you very much.

A completely different orientation. You think like Kyle fine. Judge your top-1000 based on points scored. I played hockey. I wasn't a scorer myself. So I'm biased.

Yanic Perreault brought some skills (faceoffs and passing) to the NHL but he'd be completely lost in an all-time context (lack of footspeed and play through traffic).

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