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04-05-2009, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bury Your Head View Post
Seriously? What about slew footing a player which can actually seriously injure someone? Or purposely boarding/elbowing someone? Those are "classless." Let's be real here, Avery didn't two hand him across the neck with his stick. I don't condone what Avery did, but at the same time, don't blow it out of proportion.
Originally Posted by blue2noise View Post
It's games like this that make me glad we did. He's the only player that other teams even need to pay attention to.
Originally Posted by char521 View Post
Are you serious. Let's see...........1-0 game, where playing with no emotion, our backs are against the wall, were being shut out by a good goalie and playing the number one seed in the east. As a result to get us going and get Thomas off his game, Avery taps him in the back of the helmet with his stick. I don't know how your embarrased at what he did. He didn't shove him over, he didn't slash him in the back, he skated by and had his stick hit the back of his helmet. At least he cares enough to try and do something to wake this team up.

If i were you i'd be embarrased to have Chris Drury and Wade Reden playing for your team. They play with absolutely no passion game in and game out. There the ones you should be mad at not one of the only two guys on the team that actually tries.

Honestly, I have no idea how you can condone what Avery did. Sure, he didn't McSorely Tim Thomas, but he took a cheap shot while Thomas was stretching during a t.v. timeout. If that's not the definition of gutless, pointless, and selfish I don't know what is. Oh and Avery cares? He cares about conducting his own little 3-ring circus. If he really "cared" he would be focusing on putting the puck into the back of the net.

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