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09-10-2004, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by jpsharkfan
The NHLPA finished there audit of the 30 teams last week. They have kept suspiciously silent as to what they found. Their silence makes me believe that they found that the NHL had been telling the truth regarding the millions of dollors of losses per year! If the NHLPA found otherwise the would have been all over the press spouting that the NHL lies etc..etc..

Owners of professional sports teams are extremely wealthy and can afford to lose some money for the privilege of owning a team. That does not mean they want to continue to invest more and more money in a business that has no hope of ever making a profit.
Wrong Wrong Wrong !!!!!!! The players found that only six teams were losing 75% of the caimed loses. Big difference would you not say yu management want t be . It is realy great that you think you know anything about what this is realy about and what it i about hs nothing to do with money . The owners want to go back to pre union days where they made all the money and gave the players peanuts and very few benifits.To break the union or install on like the NFL has ( do anything managements wants ) is what they are after and most of you are to blind to see it . If they areable to do that, then you fans are next in line to feel teir wrath with much higher ticket prices because they know you al are to stupid and will blame the players . Boy wht fols you all must be . Hope you like it when they come after your money . HE HE The joke i on you all enjoy it because the owners will .

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