Thread: Speculation: If TB Wins the Lottery
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04-06-2009, 06:47 AM
Chapin Landvogt
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If TB picks #1 overall, they would have poor trading options with either Colorado or NYI. Neither seem to be ready to dish off something good just for Tavares OVER Hedman. If it were another Crosby-Ryan 1,2 thingy, then surely a big trade could come.

Considering the top 2 and even to a degree, the top 3 are pretty certain to be considered ahead of the rest, a blockbuster trade with a team like LA or Phoenix would be the more probable option.

Still, even the fans over at the Phoenix boards aren't in the mood to swap their pick (#5?) plus several promising bodies just for Tavares/Hedman. Their pick and Mueller seems to be the rate they feel is fair for such a swap.

Whether it's NYI or TB, sittin' pretty and takin' the guy who is there is the safest way to go.

The Islanders are still in last and could go 2-2 in their last four games and still remain in last place, regardless of whether TB and COL actually lose the rest of their games.

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