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09-11-2004, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by habitual_hab
Forgive my ignorance. I bow to your omniscience.
He was actually right. The NHL, and all pro sports leagues in North America, are different in their industry structure. They are, basically, oligopolies. One of the Econ texts that I kept from my college days actually uses professional sports as an example of an oligopoly. Which of course is quite different from a free or open market; entry barriers, the input and output of supply, etc. So the arguments that hinge on certain "market forces" are inaccurate, they do not apply the same to an open market as the do to an oligopolistic market.

This is just a simplified version but enough to make the point. And no expert is needed for that (heck knows I'm very far from that), just the ability to read and understand a few basic economic concepts.

Why is NHL fan support declining? Why are some franchises struggling to stay afloat? Why are TV ratings in the United States shrinking?
These are loaded questions. You could write a 40 page brief or a one paragraph summary, either way it's unlikely to give an answer that would stand up to scrutiny. Far too many factors involved, and far too much info we don't actually have needed to answer such questions. Best to let this one go unless you have designs on starting another un-ending and ultimately fruitless debate.

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