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04-06-2009, 12:45 PM
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This is just off the top of my head without a lot of though

1. Stay in D.C. I like the idea of having roots somwhere
2. Gloucester, Mass. its really beautiful there, and there is also a lot of history
3. Philadelphia maybe- so I could watch the Flyers on TV, also I have family there
4. Israel?- I love Israel but have issues with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I don't think I would want to spend the rest of my life there though I would miss the U.S.
5. Venice Beach, CA- I wouldn't want to live here perminantely but there is beautiful weather, a beautiful beach, and lots of hot babes. I wouldn't want to live their permanently because I think people in the L.A. area can be really superficial, also I like weather, and I like being able to handle cold. Also public transportation there sucks, and you have to drive to get everywhere in the L.A. area. (Its like 45 min. from L.A.)

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