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09-11-2004, 06:46 AM
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Did the NHLPA drop the ball?

After the results from thursday`s bargaining (or lack of) session I can`t help but think that the NHLPA completely missed its opportunity to at least get some good PR let alone make some progress in negotiations. I mean here they were days before the expiration of the CBA, if they had made any kind of reasonable offer, even if the owners rejected, it would have gone a long way as to tell the fans that they are trying to get things sorted out. Instead they make an offer that actually saw their proposed luxury tax threshold go up!! Absolutely rediculous. Not only did they show the public that they really have no intention of getting a deal done to prevent a work stoppage, I think they enraged the owners even more.

To me it looks like they missed theire chance and I think in the long run they will pay for it.

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