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Originally Posted by Sotnos
How can you judge a market's long term viability when a team has only been there a dozen or so years? You need to read cw7's post above about patience. Everyone wants to use the "oh, it's a failure" excuse for southern teams when most haven't had a chance yet to succeed. Here's a good article about the possible impact of a lockout on newer teams. It's from February, but still makes some good points:

Fans of older teams need to remember, the owners of those teams were quick enough to grab the expansion fees which helped cover their own expenses. I don't think any of them said no to their share of $50 mil for each new team, it's up to ALL of them to make things viable now.

And what team doesn't have a local cable deal?

How much time is enough in your estimation? Are we supposed to sit here as hockey fans and hope and pray that the fans in these cities just wake up to Hockey one morning? Frankly, I am not interested in making everybody happy, all I want is a healthy league, and a good product to watch. The people in charge have bastardized much of what hockey was, just to try a get people in the States to take notice of the sport. Again, I do not want to stereotype, but by and large the American fan knows nothing about Hockey and rather than learn about the sport, they want to change it into something else.

"I can't follow the puck" - Oh you mean that black thing on the white ice.

"I know, lets make cool laser beams follow the puck around, that would be cool" - This is not a video game, this is part of the fabric of our country.

I do not mean to sound condescending, that is not my intention, but I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hear things like this. Furthermore we have make exceptions for them because without the States the game would be lost. That is a painful reality that regardless of what may be said to the contrary, it cannot be denied. I understand things have to change with time, but the people in charge...NO! not the board of governors or Gary Bettman, or Bob Goodenow, I mean ESPN, want to change the game into a novelty item, so that they can attract a few fans. They take for granted that the sport is heaped in traditon and that maybe we don't want these changes, which may not even work by the way. They use hockey as if it were a practice sport, to test their theories on how to attract fans or widen their viewership. I liken it to the plot from Eddie Murphy's "Trading places" where two all powerful brothers make a bet for $1 to test a theory, with no regard for the disaster it may cause to those involved. Jim Kelly, a prominent hockey writer from Buffalo has always maintained that "the game is wasted south of the border", because not enough people care. He is American, he is not commenting against the people of the United States, but rather is just stating the facts. If that can be said about some so called hockey markets, what does it say about the non-hockey markets? I would love nothing more than for this great game to flourish all across North America, but not at the price of losing what they game was built on.

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