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Originally Posted by DementedReality
i wish i knew how to quote properly, so bear with me.

1) if your best player is only making 4m and you cant afford to sign him, then there is a bigger problem for your team than the CBA.

2) the evidence shows that small markets and rebuilding teams have had more success than any of hte big markets. the game is played on the ice, not on paper and just because TOR, PHI, and NYR have spent alot, they have not done better than ANA, MIN, OTT, CRL, BUF, CGY or TBY in the last 5 years.

seriously, the fact that there has been multiple different teams in the final 4 in the last number of years isnt evidence of competitive balance ?


edit: i never said signing a UFA for 900k, how about just promoting a guy from your organization ? you know, like the big spenders do ? COL over the years let a bunch of guys go and promoted guys like Drury, Hejduk, Svatos, Skoula, Aebisher etc ... COL lost the best goalie of his generation and didnt go out and replace him with a high priced UFA, they replaced him with a player in the organization.

I think that Ottawa and the teams who have built throught the draft and have been smarter with their money will soon be faced are they going to keep this great team they built together? Do you see a point to what Ottawa has done, if they decide that Hossa, Alfredsson, Redden, Chara, Havlat, and Spezza are asking for too much money? They build and build, but when it comes time to make a serious run...they decide not to, because they can't afford it. I think that teams such as this need to understand that spending is a necessity in todays game if you want to remain competitive. Colorado has done a great job of using their draft picks and plugging holes of guys who are older and on the decline. But you really can't forget that they have spent a BOAT LOAD of cash on their players. On top of that they recongized that you can't win with what you've got in your system alone. So they go out year after year and like Detroit plug holes at the deadline. Blake, Bourque, Gratton, and Konowalchuk, not to mention UFA like Kariya, and Selanne. Even when Roy retired, they decided to go with Aebischer because they knew the team would make the playoffs. They had planned on trading for a more experienced playoff keeper come the deadline, but since the rest of the league knew they were over a barrel, they were asking for too much in return. So what do the Avs do? They cheap out! They go with Aebischer and the washed up Salo, and guess what? They get bounced. So here you have an a great team, with Sakic and Foote getting older, Forsberg set to jump ship back to Sweden, and Tanguay and Hejduk expecting more money. It is a formula that suggests if you are not willing to spend money you can win, but the chances are slim and if you do win, the chances of repeating are astronomical. I don't mean spending money for the sake of spendind ala Rangers, but building towards something and shelling out to keep it together, to see it your vision through to the end. Something most teams can't do, or are not willing.

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