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09-11-2004, 09:14 AM
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I think he knew what you meant. I could be wrong, but that response sounds like someone that blames the current mess largely on the owners and now has no defense for the players either.

I personally think that in the past the owners and the nhlpa have come to new cba negotiations from different prospectives. The owners from getting the best deal they could and the union from winning. In each case the owners have caved in and the players have won. I think this current situation both sides are intent on winning. I am not unconvinced that both sides are not in fight to the death mode.
The owners may well be out to break the union. The players may well know this and be ready to kill the league rather than give the owners a win.

That is what I hear coming from both sides. I could well be wrong. But, for their to be a cba one side or the other will have to come off their stand on a salary cap.
whichever side does that is the loser. when the trevor linden says that the players will never, ever, under any circumstances tie payroll to revenue they draw a very deep and hard line. they are not willing to accept a salary cap that is favorable to them even. they want what they have now.

they know that the rangers, leafs, wings, avalanche, stars and blues will not be deterred in any serious way by any luxury tax and in the process basically hold the status quo in effect. The owners know this too. Enough of them will lose less money by never playing another hockey game than by playing one more season under the status quo. So, that is where we are. Am I wrong or is this a death match we are watching?

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