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09-11-2004, 10:06 AM
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I think the players need to this of the "Market" a little differently. They want a free market system in place. However, they don't want League revenues tied to their salaries. Where is the market then? They should be thinking of the Revenues as the "Market" as the fans are the consumers of the product they are selling. Again the NHLPA needs to work with the NHL to help increase revenues (especially in the U.S.) then tieing the salaries to revenues would work right? If the revenues per team was around $150 million then the team salaries could be around $75 million and everyone would be happy right? Probably not as the NHLPA thinks that tieing revenues to salary is a salary cap so NO it would still be a problem.

The fans are the consumers of a product that in many markets they don't like. Most business' try to find out what the consumers "fans" would prefer to win back their business unfortunately this is not happening either. It doesn't matter whos fault it is but the players need to realize that if a prolonged lock out happens the revenues will be even lower than they are now and then what? Okay they are going to get even less money with 1-2 years of no salary? Does that make sense?

I was listening to the radio in Vancouver yesterday and they had on a business partner of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now the Leafs did have a profit but he talked about many owners that are happy to sit out a season or two as in many cases they would lose about $22 million a year during the season but only lose $7 million if there is a lockout. As a business owner it doesn't take much to figure out what they will do. In the end the fans lose out but we don't have a say. I hope that even if there is a lockout the results will mean a long term solution that fits everyones needs, the business owners (I don't want to hear about one more bankruptcy there have been too many), the players (increased salaries by increasing the quality of the product on the ice) and ultimately the fans...where we get to see great teams and wonderful trades (that are not based on salaries). I don't want to hear about the money side of salaries and stuff. The first time I heard about money related to hockey was when Gretzky was sold to the LA Kings. It has been non stop ever since. How about talking about what great game is being played not how much so and so got in arbitration...I think it will be a long two years to come.

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