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Originally Posted by SWM View Post

Also, does anyone know of a custom skate holder that is made in Minnesota? Supposed to be high end, custom made holder. I was told you measure from the table to the center of your wheel and give them the measurement and they will then make a holder that has one adj. knob. Sound familiar to anyone?
Here a manufacture of a skate sharpening machine in Minnesota.

I too, have a Blade master jig that told skates.

Notice the adjustable levers on each side. This will allow you to get the stone at the center of the blade.

Plus, I recommend you invest in this...

This is a two part gauge that has an incremental ruler on one side and the other piece sits on the blade next to the gauge. The second piece, while resting up against the ruler will tell you how far off the cut or edge is before you sharpen the blade.

Then it's just a matter of knowing how far the stone needs to be to make that edge even. But this comes with experience. The more you sharpen skates, the better you will get the hang of knowing how much edge to take off when you have a bad egde.

But this tool seems to help out alot. It's worth the money.

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