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09-11-2004, 10:48 AM
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How any of you can back the NHLPA is mind boggling. I know it's the owners' faults for giving out large contracts! Bottom line is that this league is in shambles, and the players are acting like complete nobs. It's the owners right to make money, because the last time I checked the players are employed by them. Go to work on monday and tell your boss you want 75% of all their revenues. It's a complete joke, and this being the bottom feeder of all four major sports the players union has no right to act in this fashion. Quite simply they could give a ***** about the fans and us spending our hard earned money. Trevor Linden's comments the other day were just plain stupid. I mean wasn't this guy a farmer before? These guys make millions of dollars to play a sport, and all of sudden it sounds like they're going to starve. Reality is a word that doesn't exist to these dorks.

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