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09-11-2004, 11:30 AM
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they are being as the best at what they do in the world and people are willing to pay the price of admission.
Actually they aren't and THAT is where the big problem comes in. Hockey's cash flow is a joke. Of course teams like the Rangers dont have to worry about it, they have cash no matter what.

But people aren't watching on TV and elsehwere around the league they really aren't willing to pay the price of admission.

They work hard to keep where they're at, and they worked hard most of their life to get to where they're at. They're worth whatever people are willing to pay.
Problem is they are worth whatever a select few are willing and able to pay and at the current rate they aren't gonna be employed for very long. Hockey is dieing right now. Having worked around it in one form or another since i was 18 i just don't think the average ranger fan realizes just how hard it is for many of these other teams to even try to come close to breaking even.

And if we were in the position to make as much money as possible, we would take advantage of the situation, no matter how simple a life any of us live currently.
At the cost of running the industry into the ground? Sorry doesn't work that way. I'd love to be making 7 figures a year but it does me no good if it subsequently ruins my industry because i just shot myself in the foot.

Suddenly a few million dollars can be put to use and we're pretty happy - and it won't last a lifetime, trust me. Further, if you're making $5 million per year, you work to make more and more still, and if your salary is cut all of the sudden to $3 million, it hurts.
Man that's gotta suck, I guess it means you can only afford 5 new cars this season.

That's the same BS story the executives for airlines try to pull at their industry gets run into ground.

If you can't make a good life with 3 million dollars a year than maybe the salary isn't the problem......

The bottom line is that industry can't support it. The players know it and so does the league. If you wanna base it on what would happen in the private sector than we can all do that, but i dont think anyone is gonna like what it left. About 1/5 of the teams and 1/5 of the jobs and the death nail in a sport that already has lower ratings than pro bowling.

These arguments you have when you have a product that is working.....not what the NHL is right now.

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