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04-06-2009, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Schennanigans View Post
I don't really think the Flyers are ideal partners. BB is looking for a C, he may look at the free agent pool but isn't likely to sign anyone long term, or someone that commands more than 6M a year. So if a pretty good C is coming back I think BB will consider making a deal with kaberle

Some guys that I think he should target in free agency are Franzen, and Cammi.

Via trade I would really look at Zajac on the Devils if I was Burke.

If you go back to the bottom of page 2 you'll see where we discussed a trade with the Caps. I think it's pretty reasonable return for Kaberle. You get a solid center, a 2nd pairing dman and a #1 pick. Neither player may be elite but both are solid players and the Leafs need that. I don't know how the Caps fans feel about the deal so I can't tell you if it's fair from their POV. I also don't know if they have a center to replace whom they lose and if they don't then that may be a deal breaker (as much as they could use a player like Kabs they CAN'T leave themselves with only 1 viable line).

If Burke was able to make this trade for Kabs then I think the next thing he should do is to make certain he get Boumeester. I'd offer him 35 mil over 5 years, I think that's the best offer he's going to get. The Leafs certainly have the cap space to make some signings/trades to revamp their team asap. Just an FYI, only Gagne Knuble, Richards, Carter, Jones and Nittimaki remain on the Flyers opening day roster from just 2 years ago when they finished dead last in the league. Of all the rest only Giroux was a prospect already in our system at that time. You have a lot of picks and you don't have to use them all to draft players. You can trade some to get players like Scotty Upshall. Burke can make some lateral moves where he trades one player for a player of about equal ability but fits the mold he wants for the team better (like after we got Timonen we didn't "need" Pitkanen any more so we traded our problem child Pitkanen for another problem child Lupul, both are doing much better in new environments). I don't think the Leafs are that far away from being competative again. I DO think that Burke will remake this team in his image very quickly and that you will likely see another 2 or 3 players moved before FA opens up. Burke is one of the best GM's out there and I think he'll be very active in turning the Leafs around quickly. I'd actually be very excited as a Leafs fan right now (honestly, they ARE my 2nd favorite team, I can't understand all the hate for the Leafs). I know everyone wants to speculate because I guess it gives them some comfort that the future looks better than the present but you guys are just going to have to trust that Burke knows what he is doing. I mena just look as what he did out west with a team that tied one hand behind his back. He can to Tor because he knew he wouldn't have to fight with one financial hand tied behind his back anymore. Just wait, he's going to do right by the Leafs and he's going to bring in the "right" kind of players. The ones who aren't commited won't sniff the Leafs roster for long, he'll get rid of them. He'll bring in players who are hungry and dedicated. I personally htink he's probably the best GM out there right now.

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