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09-11-2004, 01:20 PM
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That is only true if you take the premise that you and Bettman are taking, and that is that a luxury tax system is not enough and only a hard salary cap is the answer.
And I too have my doubts about a luxury tax system. Dolan would 7 million dollars for a plastic bumper if someone convinced him it was the right hockey decision.

I also am not convinced the league generates enough money to effectivly implement a luxury tax system.

As long as you hold to that, then yes, the players are not offering anything that solves anything. The other side of the coin is that the owners and Bettman are not offering or accepting anything that solves anything by following their precept that a salary cap is the only solution. The othe school of though to your argument is that a stiff luxuty tax system is enough. The luxury tax WILL act to reduce salaries. However, that is not enough of a control to Bettman.
It has nothing to do with Bettman. That is such a thrown out term that it's almost comical. It has everything to do with the fact that the league has tried it the other way and is in some seriously deep crap at the moment. And again luxury tax systems work ONLY when you have enough cash flow to support it. The league does not have that. What does it say that this was a "good" year and they made a whopping 70 million dollars {or an average of a little over 2 million per team}?

To many teams are too far into the red for a luxury tax system to even help them. The reason the league is offering such a low number is simple, that's about what it should be based on what this game gets in attendance, merchandise sales and additional exposure.

It has nothing to do with a weaker canadian marker {it's survived worse situations in the past}. It has everything to do with the fact that the thought of any player in a sport that can't beat out fishing, bowling or even ping pong is making 10 million dollars. And it isn't because Calgary or Edmonton gave it to him.

When a guy like Nylander is paid a guranteed 3 years for the amount he is, it forces the market up. Even when the Rangers are "Rebuilding" they are overpaying for something {its simply amazing and the hockey news had a good comment about it in their latest issue}.

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