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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The Yankees consider that an embarrassment every year.

I do not think the Rays will make the playoffs. It would just be too simple. See teams like the Angels, Rockies, Astros, Tigers, even last year's Indians who fell off the next year after going to the World Series (Angels winning it actually). They kind of need that year to rediscover themselves). The Rockies got crippled with injuries though.

Not saying the Rays CAN'T make the playoffs, it's just that...well someone in that division has to be 3rd...They had no pressure on them last year, now there will be some
Do you actually follow the AL East, or are you just making random authoritative statements? It seems like people keep making these statements who didn't watch the games last year...The Rays are not an anomaly. I don't want them to win, but I see reality.

And the Yankees are horribly overrated just because they threw hojillions of dollars around on three guys. Guess what, there's still 22 other guys to fill out that roster, and wow do some of them suck on that team. The Rays have a better rotation, better lineup (not as much name recognition, but top to bottom it's better), and a far better bullpen, especially if they recall Price and put him in the pen. And I think they've got a great manager for taking care of the pressure component.

As for the Yankees, they've got 2 guys in the pen who are good, and one is near 40, the other a rookie who's had his issues with overworking in the past. Their outfield has loads of issues with age and injury concerns, as well as guys who aren't living up to their potential. They've got a good/great infield, once A-Rod comes back, and as long as 1. Age doesn't start to catch up to Jeter and 2. Cano has a strong year. That doesn't even address their catching situation, or the fact that they've got big money riding on a starting pitcher who hasn't shown he can stay healthy (Hi AJ!), as well as depth issues in the rotation. Oh, and they play in the strongest division in MLB. Yup, they should win easily. I see no problems in Yankee-land.

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