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09-11-2004, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by habitual_hab
As far as I know, here's what the NHLPA has offered the NHL owners:

a five-percent giveback to the league on the full value of all existing contracts; changes to the Entry Level System both in terms of a cap and percentage of the cap that can be paid in signing bonus; a revenue-share system from on a pool collected from an aggregate of payroll luxury tax, regular-season and playoff gate taxes and revenue tax that would be distributed to clubs meeting qualifying criteria, including attendance performance." Furthermore, the NHLPA was willing to address such issues as salary arbitration and qualifying offers.

To simplify the proposal further, the players are willing to give back nearly $65 million in payroll every season. They're willing to address the problems with bonus clauses circumventing the rookie salary cap. They're willing to address revenue sharing to assist smaller market clubs to better compete with their big market peers, and they're willing to consider changes to salary arbitration and how much a team must spend to qualify their restricted free agents.


Looks to me like the NHLPA is negotiating in good faith but the owners insist on installing a hard salary cap or no go. IMO, Bettman and the owners are not negotiating in good faith at all and the 2004-2005 season might be the first time in a long time that there are no Stanley Cup playoffs.

(After an alleged $300-million in losses the NHL gives Bettman a new contract until 2008(?). If Bettman was the CEO of any other corp. he'd be out on the street. IMO, the owners are the architects of their problems [Holik, Jagr, Sakic, Tkachuk, Yashin, etc. contracts, Bettman's expansion & promises of investment returns that turned out to be Nasdaq-like and the evaporation of US TV deals] and are trying to force the NHLPA to bail them out.)

That was a good link, thanks. I agree with you, nice posts, it looks to me too like they are bargaining in good faith. How can Daly just dismiss these proposals out of hand. They directly address his problems and include significant changes and money.

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